history Of PornographyStickyUncategorized

What The Wild World Of Vintage Erotica Can Teach Us About Today’s Porn (NSFW)

Dr. Thomas Mar 29 2016
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Feminist Porn (Includes NSFW Links)

Dr. Thomas Dec 25 2015

Jerzy Skolimowski's Deep End (1970)

Dr. Thomas Oct 9 2013
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Some Problems with Linda Williams' "Hard-Core Eroticism"

Dr. Thomas Feb 27 2013

"This is a 3D model of a clitoris" by Minna Salami

Dr. Thomas Sep 16 2016
Newstag FilmsUncategorized

Stag Films from the 1950's and 1960's

Dr. Thomas Jan 25 2016
anti-porn Propagandahistory Of PornographyNewUncategorized

Anti-Porn Propaganda Films

Dr. Thomas Jan 23 2016
history Of PornographyNewUncategorized

"The shock of the old: what the sculpture of Pan reveals about sex and the Romans"

Dr. Thomas Feb 12 2015
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Smut Capital of America

Dr. Thomas Nov 16 2013
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Music from 1970's Porn Films

Dr. Thomas Jan 15 2016
MusicPeachesporn SoundtracksRub

Peaches "Rub" [NSFW] Music Video

Dr. Thomas Dec 26 2015
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Patrick Cowley: SF, Porn, and Electronic Music from the 1970's

Dr. Thomas Nov 12 2013
CrashJG BallardMusicUncategorized

The Normal – "Warm Leatherette" (1978)

Dr. Thomas Oct 20 2013
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Pornotopia: The Films of Doris Wishman

Dr. Thomas Jan 16 2016
Kenneth Angerpornographic Lifepornotopiaqueersocial ConstructionUncategorized

Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising

Dr. Thomas Oct 27 2013
Censorshippornographic LifepornotopiaqueerUncategorized

Andy Warhol's Blow Job

Dr. Thomas Oct 9 2013
Alt PornBruce La BrucegenrequeerUncategorized

Otto or Up With Dead People

Dr. Thomas Feb 11 2016
Alt PornBruce La BrucegenrequeerUncategorized

The politics of porn, necrophilia and gay zombies by Mike Miksche

Dr. Thomas Jan 20 2016
CrashgenreJG BallardUncategorized

JG Ballard "Introduction to the French Edition of Crash!" (1974)

Dr. Thomas Oct 20 2013

Candida Cosmica

Dr. Thomas Oct 21 2016
CensorshipJack Halberstampornotopia2social ConstructionTrigger WarningsUncategorized

"You Are Triggering Me! The Neoliberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger, and Trauma" by Jack Halberstam

Dr. Thomas Aug 16 2015
Bruce La BruceCensorshipKen Russellpornotopia2Trigger WarningsUncategorized

Hell on Earth: The Desecration and Resurrection of Ken Russell's 'The Devils'

Dr. Thomas Mar 3 2013
Marion Eatenpornotopia2Thundercrack!Uncategorized

In a Garden of Tin Men: Marion Eaton (1932–2011) Remembered

Dr. Thomas Jan 20 2013

Interview with Buck Angel

Dr. Thomas Jan 9 2013