Hell on Earth: The Desecration and Resurrection of Ken Russell’s ‘The Devils’

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This is the uncensored version of the documentary. I have a slightly longer, but censored version, that we will probably watch in class before the film. I will, also, be showing the scenes that are censored out of the documentary. I am posting this here for your convenience.

It’s a testament to how much Warner Brother’s hates this film that not only will they refuse to release the Director’s Cut of the film, they won’t even allow these scenes to be included on the only DVD release of the film, including in this very documentary. We are lucky that people recorded (and then bootlegged) the single showing of these scenes on television in the UK in 2004. And it points to an “obscene” level of control on the part of Warner Brothers: if you can get the uncensored version for free on the internet, why are they refusing to allow it to be released uncensored on the UK DVD release? They are terrified of this film.

This film is important not only because of its content, but because it is a film that remains censored to this day. And it is entirely because of its U.S. financier, Warner Brothers, who own the film

Here is the 2004 version of the documentary (again, this is a shorter documentary than the one we will be watching in class, but it has the censored scenes, which are not included on the 2012 DVD release or in the later, expanded but censored version of the documentary: Warner Brothers would not allow those scenes to be included again):