Assigned Articles (in alphabetical order)

Giorgio Agamben, “What is an Apparatus?

Georges Bataille, Erotism: Death and Sensuality (selection)

Guy Debord, “Separation Perfected” from Society of the Spectacle

Michel Foucault, “22 January 1975,”  from Abnormal: Lectures at the College de France 1974 – 1975, Trans. Graham Burchell (New York: Picador, 2003)

Michel Foucault, “Introduction”  to Herculine Barbin: Being the Recently Rediscovered Memoirs of a French Hermaphrodite (New York: Vintage, 1980)

Walter Kendrick, “Preface to the Paperback Edition” and “Origins” from The Secret Museum

Laura Kipnis, “How to Look at Pornography”  from Peter Lehman (ed) Pornography: Film and Culture (Rutgers, 2006)

Nagisa Oshima, “Sexual Poverty,” “Sex, Cinema, and the Four-and-a-Half-Mat Room,” “Theory of Experimental Pornographic Film” and “Text of Plea”   from Cinema, Censorship, and the State

Beatriz Preciado, “History of Technosexuality” from Testo Junkie

Deborah Shamoon, “Office Sluts and Rebel Flower Girls: Japanese Comics for Women” from Porn Studies

Linda Williams, “Porn Studies: Proliferating Pornographies On/Scene: An Introduction” from Porn Studies

Optional Essays

Lynn Hunt, “Obscenity and the Origins of Modernity, 1500 – 1800”  from The Invention of Pornography (optional)

Isabel Teng, “The Road to Ruin: Chapter One: Antiquity” from Pornography: The Secret History of Civilization

Nagisa Oshima, “Nagisa Oshima on In the Realm of the Senses
(compiled from “Campaigner in the World of the Absurd,” an interview with S. Suga, in Framework (Norwich), no. 26–27, 1985—unfortunately, I do not have the original interview) (optional)

Ara Osterweil, “Andy Warhol’s Blow Job: Toward the Recognition of a Pornographic Avant-garde” (optional)

Yvonne Tasker, “Permissive British Cinema?”  (optional)

Christopher Weedman, “Optimism Unfulfilled: Jerzy Skolimowski’s Deep End and the ‘Swinging Sixties'” (optional)

Study Questions

Study Questions on 9 Songs

Study Questions on Pornography: The Secret History of Civilization and The Secret Museum

Study Questions on Oshima Nagisa


Handout on Critical Writing